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Phoenix drivers sell vehicles for a lot of different reasons. Maybe they just want something new or maybe they're selling the vehicle because it has a problem or two. So how do you know what you're getting into when you sign the papers for a used vehicle in Arizona?

When a vehicle comes into Art's Family Auto Repair in Phoenix with maintenance records, we can see if the factory maintenance schedule has been followed.

If it doesn't come with records, used vehicle buyers have to assume the worst. How many Phoenix people who are turning in a leased vehicle at 36,000 miles/60,000 kilometers will perform the transmission service recommended at 35,000 miles/59,000 kilometers?

So what do you do? At Art's Family Auto Repair, we suggest getting on track with the maintenance schedule and staying on track. Lacking evidence to the contrary, assume it needs an oil change. The thorough Art's Family Auto Repair inspection that comes with a full service oil change will reveal basic problems.

Be sure to bring up any specific concerns with your Art's Family Auto Repair service consultant. When buying an older used vehicle in Phoenix, there's more to be concerned with because there's been more time for things to go wrong. A used vehicle inspection at Art's Family Auto Repair is a good idea: the peace of mind is well worth the money.

In addition to the scheduled maintenance items, look for uneven wear on the tires. That could be a symptom of an alignment problem, worn shocks or some other suspension issue. Listen for unusual sounds and pay attention to strange odors. Keep track of any problems you have when driving so you can consult with your friendly and knowledgeable service advisor at Art's Family Auto Repair in Phoenix.

If you just bought a used vehicle in the Phoenix area, give us a call at (602) 997-2006.